Hammock Giveaway: The Winners Are In!

Hey guys!

After running the hammock giveaway for a bit over 3 months, we've finally decided to pull the plug and award the winners!

At first, our plan was to give away 20 of our brand new camping hammocks, but we decided to bump that up to 40 and then 50 freebies based on your awesome feedback on our social networks. 

The date of this post is March 24th, and we expect to have the hammocks in our warehouse, ready to be shipped, by April 15th. 

We'll notify the winners via e-mail and Facebook. 

Once again, we'd like to thank you for participating in this 'raffle', and all of you who didn't win a free hammock will receive a subscribers-only coupon code right after we launch our e-commerce store (within a week).

outdoorser hammock

So, here are the winners:

E-Mail Subscribers

  • pay***@hotmail.com
  • danwb***@hotmail.com
  • Boutilier***@hotmail.com
  • redemption***@gmail.com
  • rbfo***@yahoo.com
  • JoelMc***@aol.com
  • marra.s***@gmail.com
  • Sheldon***@gmail.com
  • ashle***@yahoo.com
  • chri***@hotmail.com
  • Fauteux***@gmail.com
  • baka***@gmail.com
  • hols***@isu.edu
  • alibo***@gmail.com
  • jgo***@gmail.com
  • aaure***@gmail.com
  • mattm***@gmail.com
  • patrick***@gmail.com
  • rosa***@gmail.com
  • rsul***@gmail.com
  • j.woo***@hotmail.co.uk
  • an***@dolphinandeagle.ca
  • tracyan***@yahoo.com
  • muttm***@gmail.com
  • deb***@yahoo.com
  • kkcoc***@gmail.com
  • ste***@hotmail.ca
  • jai***@hotmail.com
  • ec***@hotmail.com

Facebook Fans

  • Kim Roland
  • Késia Lagacé
  • Juli Wolter
  • Launa Bauer Bustamante
  • Ellene Maica Estapia
  • Marci Baum
  • Chad Garretsee
  • Ryan Roberts
  • Grampaw Terry
  • Sandra Rankine
  • Tierney O'Brien Dovan
  • Agustinho Ximenes
  • Brendon Kambual
  • AmyBrian Cadigan
  • Paul Ben-Yehuda
  • Bob Bock
  • Sabastien Papatens
  • Tina Wood McVey
  • Chris Barker
  • Eva Bravomalo Davis

About the Author

After spending 5 years testing gear, meeting people and exploring his home state of Colorado with his wife, Andrej realized something about the outdoor industry. Mostly, that it was complicated. Andrej set out to create no-nonsense gear that was just as easy to use as it was reliable. He recruited a team of wilderness professionals and educators and hit the drawing board. The result was simple gear that you could trust, with specs you understood. Now he’s inspiring others to get out there and explore, by giving them the confidence to trust both themselves and the gear they use.