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Hammock Giveaway: The Winners Are In!

Hey guys! After running the hammock giveaway for a bit over 3 months, we’ve finally decided to pull the plug and award the winners! At first, our plan was to give away 20 of our brand new camping hammocks, but we decided to bump that up to 40 and then 50 freebies based on your awesome feedback […]

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Shoot It! Crash Course In Nature Photography For Campers

You know how beautiful the wild is. That’s why you get out there. Taking photos not only help you remember your trips, but can also become amazing pieces of art. So how can you get the most out of your nature photography? Read on. In this article will teach you: Camera basics What to shoot Fundamentals of depth […]

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Hammock Meditation: The Best (And Easiest) Kind Of Namaste

There is more to meditation than chanting ohms in the lotus yoga position. Meditation, the process of shutting our brain off from all the chaos of the world, is simply about mindfulness. You can find calm and mindfulness anywhere – on your way to work in the morning, sitting on your bed, or on a hike. But no […]

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