Cooking Without A Kitchen Outside

A weekend out in the wilderness seems like the perfect way to de-stress and find some tranquility.

But at the end of a long day of hiking and adventure, trying to cook a meal over a tiny propane flame without running water can throw a major wrench into your stress-free evening. Fortunately, we found the solution.

Tinfoil Camping

Tin foil. This magical tool is about to change your camping game by eliminating campsite meal prep, minimizing your packing list, and serving you up a wide range of delicious meals without leaving behind a mess.

These prep-at-home recipes can easily be cooked over a campfire on a metal rack, or simply placed directly onto hot coals. Just grab the pre-portioned tin foil packets from your cooler, cook, and enjoy!

Sausage & Veggies

​This recipe is incredibly easy to alter to your tastes, just throw in whatever veggies and meat you prefer, layer on some oil and seasonings and you’re good to go.

Sasuage and Veggies cooked in Tinfoil

Depending on the veggies you pick, you can throw these foil packets into the freezer to elongate their shelf life and make packing your cooler a breeze.


​Pile up some tortillas with cheese, everything else is optional, it’s hard to get any easier than that.

​Quesadillas Camping

You can chop up veggies of your choosing, throw in some chicken or steak if you’d like, and seal them all up in tin foil. When hunger calls, just set your quesadillas on top of some coals until the cheese is melted all the way through, open up, and dig in.

​BBQ Chicken

All the flavor of barbeque chicken…minus the barbeque. It’s easy to ramp up or down the flavor to accommodate your personal tastes, but no matter how you prep it, this tin foil meal is sure to pack a punch.

BBQ Chicken Camping

​Coconut Lime Shrimp

​If you’re like us, camping anywhere near the water basically requires some kind of seafood dish. But cooking fish or shellfish at a muddy campsite without a sink or running water can be quite the hassle.

Coconut Lime Shrimp Camping

This recipe eliminates that difficulty by outlining a simple way to cook flavorful shrimp right over your campfire.

​Salmon & Potato

​If you’re still craving seafood but shrimp isn’t quite your style, try out this recipe for juicy, flaky salmon at your campsite.

Salmon & Potato on a Camping

Another easily-altered recipe, feel free to add in a mix of other veggies of your liking to make this meal uniquely your own.


​This ultra-simple kielbasa recipe takes you back to the basics, and reminds you just how tasty those basics can be.

​Kielbasa on Camping

Using just 6 ingredients, this meal might take even less time to prep than it does to cook, just grill the tin foil packets over red-hot coals for 20-25 minutes, flipping occasionally, open, and enjoy. 

​Herbed Chicken Potatoes

​Proof that making gourmet food while camping doesn’t have to take all night, this recipe provides simple instructions to season and prepare your chicken and potatoes long before you get to camp.

​Herbed Chicken Potatoes Camping

Just seal them up tight, set the tin foil packets on top of some hot coals, and flip after 10-15 minutes to ensure even cooking throughout.

​Seasoned Burger & Potatoes

​Burger night just got even more delicious. Marinate your patties overnight with this mix of aromatic seasonings and cook to your desired wellness on a rack or over hot coals.

Seasoned Burger & Potatoes Tinfoil Camping Meal

If cooking your burger to the perfect temperature seems a bit overwhelming, swap out your patty with a pre-cooked burger and simply reheat it over the fire when you’re ready to eat.


​While not exactly a meal (unless that’s your style, we don’t judge), popcorn just seems to be the perfect snack for almost any camping setting.

​Popcorn Campfire

You can buy products that have hopped on this trend, offering pre-packaged popcorn bundles for you to cook over a campfire. We prefer to make our own.

Just throw some popcorn kernels in tin foil, add some oil, leave room for expansion and an exit for hot air, and you’re ready to go! Set it over some hot coals and shake frequently as soon as you hear the popping start.

​Dessert Cones

​Since dessert is truly the most important meal of the day, we felt it necessary to include in our list. These fun and delicious dessert cones are easy to customize and are extremely kid-friendly.

Dessert Cones Campfire

Load up some waffle cones with any combination of tasty toppings you could want from fruit to chocolate and candy bars, let them melt into gooey goodness over your fire, and carefully open to enjoy this sweet treat.

And there you have it, from cooler to campfire in record time, these meals will help eliminate some of most laborious aspects of camping, leaving you free to enjoy the tranquility you set out to experience in the first place. 

Just grab your pre-prepped packets, throw them on the fire, and dig in. No kitchen tools, no pots and pans, and virtually no clean-up. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.


There’s just one more question. Which recipe will you be making first? 

About the Author

After spending 5 years testing gear, meeting people and exploring his home state of Colorado with his wife, Andrej realized something about the outdoor industry. Mostly, that it was complicated. Andrej set out to create no-nonsense gear that was just as easy to use as it was reliable. He recruited a team of wilderness professionals and educators and hit the drawing board. The result was simple gear that you could trust, with specs you understood. Now he’s inspiring others to get out there and explore, by giving them the confidence to trust both themselves and the gear they use.