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3 Perfect Backcountry Yosemite Trails For Hammock Campers

Located in the high sierras of California, Yosemite National Park needs no introduction.Famed for its epic monoliths, ancient sequoia trees and dramatic waterfalls, it’s well-Instagrammed in today’s age.Over the years, I’ve explored more than 30 national park areas. Yet, no matter how many places I go, something always pulls me back to Yosemite.Its one of […]

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10 Instagram-Worthy Camping Spots

It’s no secret that we live in a beautiful country.It’s also no secret that we live in a country of social media hungry, selfie-snapping photographers.In this article, we will be sharing our top ten favorite, Instagram-worthy camping spots. It’s time to see those likes roll in.1. Assateague Island, MarylandAssateague Island is a salt crusted sanctuary […]

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Getting Technical — Track Your Backpacking Pack

If you saw off the end of your toothbrush to save a third of an ounce, you are an ultralight backpacker.We checked up on a few sites (and 1 app) that promise to help you maximize every ounce (or gram) of space on your next hike—without having to kit up in your living room, stepping […]

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Do You Know The Basics Of Safe Camping?

It’s no use going out into the wilderness if you don’t come back.​​​​​Read this quick guide on basic camp safety to learn tips, tactics and resources to stay safe when you’re out there.We’ll cover: Wild animals Temperature safety Fire safety Not getting lost Basic first aid resourcesWith a little information, you’ll be better prepared for […]

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6 Things To Bring Backpacking And 3 Things To Leave Behind

You want to backpack with the right gear. But sometimes you don’t know until you go.Learn from the miscalculations of others and get a head start on perfecting your pack.Here are things experienced backpackers regretted not bringing on their first trek (and a few things they should have ditched).I Wish I Had…Here are things experienced […]

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5 Easy Recipes For Backpacking

Meals on the trail should do 2 things: they should be light enough to carry, and they should pack the calories to keep you going.No rule says they have to be boring or tasteless.Here’s a roundup of 5 meal ideas that will make your mouth (and back) happy.Salsa And Corn Dumpling SoupA simple soup made […]

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How To Choose The Best Backcountry Campsite

Wilderness backpacking, thru-hiking, backcountry camping, these are all just different ways to say you’re going way out there. Everything you need to set up camp is on your back and there’s not a developed campsite for miles.So pick your spot carefully.This article will go over what to look for and what to avoid in a backcountry […]

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