About Us


At Outdoorser, we turn our passion for nature into high-quality outdoor products that fuel your spontaneous yet purposeful adventures.

Whether you are new to the great outdoors or an experienced adventurer, we provide the gear you require to make the most out there, in the world’s biggest playground.

The incredible and awe-inspiring sense of insignificance in this massive universe is one of the best parts of heading out in the country and getting in touch with nature.

However, this doesn’t mean you should ever come unprepared.

Outdoorser is here for you, even if you’re about to embark on your first hike or have no idea how set up camp, as we’ll gladly share our knowledge in order to inspire, educate and outfit you and your friends.

That’s why all of our products are affordable, high-quality and extremely safe - tested by the elements and proven in action. Nature doesn’t put up with bullshit. Neither do we.

Outdoorser is a bunch of like-minded explorers with a singular purpose - we want you to get out there and love every second of it.

Get tired, get dirty, immerse yourself in nature and feel very much alive. We’re happy to join along for the ride.

Meet The Founder

Andrew James, Founder and CEO

Inspired by a lifetime of outdoor adventure, Andrew wanted to find a way for others to experience wilderness as he did.

Andre Black

Knowing he couldn’t connect with people from behind a desk, he quit his corporate job, traded a briefcase for a backpack and hit the road.

After spending 5 years testing gear, meeting people and exploring his home state of Colorado with his wife, Andrew realized something about the outdoor industry. Mostly, that it was complicated.

For first-time adventurers, the scene was intimidating.

Andrew set out to create no-nonsense gear that was just as easy to use as it was reliable.

He recruited a team of wilderness professionals and educators and hit the drawing board.

The result was simple gear that you could trust, with specs you understood. Now he’s inspiring others to get out there and explore, by giving them the confidence to trust both themselves and the gear they use.

Whether it’s a moment of hammocking bliss after work or a week long backcountry excursion, Andrew believes that the outdoors is for everyone and that a wild life is the only kind worth living. “Anybody can be an Outdoorser; it just takes the right gear.